Having a father in-law who is a retired minister I have been repairing many study Bibles and large old Family Bibles, but the ones wearing out the quickest is study Bibles, the most read book in the world and if your a good Christian you should have a well used Bible.

Most People buy a new Bible, you can get them cheap, but this in no good to most as the Bible they have is written in with little notes, it seems to open in the right place all the time, its worn to your liking, if you know what I mean, so to buy a new Bible is out of the question, the thing to do is to make your Bible stronger, and I can do this by rebinding a new stronger cover, in this process I also strengthen the Binding to make it last more than a life time.

This is more expensive than buying a cheap Bibel but as I said this will make your Bible last way past your life time, and hundreds of customers over the last 16 years now have a study Bible they would never part with and one that will certainly see them handing it down to the next of their Generation.

What the binding process entails is, I strip down your old Bible throw away the old cover and repair torn or damaged pages any con-caved spine is pulled back into shape, sewing is inspected and repaired if required, and any cheaper versions that are just glued at the spine are hand stitched to help stand the test of time and prevent pages falling out, then the end-papers that are pasted to the front and back cover are bound using Oxford Library Buckram Book-Cloth which is a lot stronger than paper, they use this material in binding University Thesis and Law Books and the like.

Then a New Soft REAL Leather Cover is custom bound over your Bible for a perfect fit, including yapp edges (edges that fold over the edge of the Bible) raised bands on the spine and gold tooling to decorate the spine, I can even deboss (some people call it emboss) you name on the front right hand corner of the cover for FREE, this normally costs $55.00 on its own. And the Leather is not Bonded Leather, it is actual Leather hides I use, its the only cover material that will outlast any man made cover material.

Don't be fooled into buying a beautiful leather bound bible for a couple of hundred dollars, they are covered in bonded or man made leather off a roll, its just not cost effective for them (Bible Factories) to use REAL Leather Hides like I do, there are many kinds and many colours and textures.

There is a lot of work involved in binding them, and you do get a quality Binding of your old Bible to help extend its life as long as possible, as they are custom bound by hand by me, it will last the rest of your life.

Please email me some photos of your Bible and I will email you in return with a price, email me

StudyBibleRebind6a StudyBibleRebind6b

Just some of the Leathers I have in stock most times, as I have said these are REAL Hides skivered for use in the Bookbinding industry, so are perfect for Bibles.


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