The books that come into Ballarat Bookbinding vary greatly in the needs that particular book requires, some books may only need very little repair while other books need a full restoration. I have had books come in that have been simply sitting on a bookshelf  for decades and have fallen apart because of people pressing  flowers or other items, (even a book -mark left in a book can do damage) some books have been in shed fires some have been eaten by dogs or even vomited on (believe it or not), or maybe they are just old, the oldest book we currently have in the shop is a Common Book of Prayer and was printed in 1633.

        All books are worthy of restoration, many old books are now worth a lot of money and sometimes restoration is not appropriate for certain books, some are worth more in their original state. It is a personal choice, we can reproduce a cover to look exactly like the original or improve on the cloth cover that it was in and bind it in full leather, again it is a personal choice.  What do you want the book for, to keep, for resale, or to read? Have it restored for that particular purpose.

        Below are a few samples of books restored at Ballarat Bookbinding. More samples are found in the Galleries.

For many pictures of restorations, please visit:

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Old Council Accounts Book, cover on left with newly restored one on right in the colours the customer requires.


Antique Writing Desk, old Leather was Damaged and so was removed and new Leather and Gold Tooling to look like the Original.





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